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Survivor Services

Survivors of crime and trauma, traumatic brain injury (TBI), burn victims, and other traumatic events, and family members who lose loved ones from suicide, unattended death, murder and other crimes will find the survivor and victim resources on this web site helpful.

Crime Scene Cleanup Companies

When you lose a loved one to suicide, crime or unattended death professional Crime Scene Cleaning Companies can provided the services needed to remove blood and other visible signs of blood, suicide, death and crime scenes. 

Family Suicide Resources & Links

If you have lost a loved one to suicide, or have a family member who is suicidal, or has attempted suicide, these resources will assist your in the difficult and emotional decisions facing you when dealing with suicide and attempted suicide.

Crime Victims' Compensation

Crime Victims' Compensation Funds are set-up by individual States to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses resulting from criminal activity, and often pay for emergency housing and other services.

Veteran Resources & Links

Veteran Services, Veteran Resources, Survivor Services, Veteran Benefits, Burial Information.


Crime Scene, Suicide, Death Cleanup Austin & San Antonio, Tx

Crime Clean of Texas crime, death, trauma, suicide cleanup in San Antonio, Tx, Austin, Tx and central Texas. For more information of Crime Clean of Texas to to For services call Crime Clean of Texas San Antonio (210) 723-4892 or Crime Clean Austin, Tx (512) 669-2999.